Using the program

FAQs: Using the program

How many sessions should there be in a week?

The more frequent the sessions, the faster the progress. Children who are not yet in first grade should use the program at least four times per week. Children in first grade and up should use the program five times per week, and, if possible, even more.

How many sessions can a child do in a day?

The program is designed for a child to do one session per day. If a child wants to do more than one, he or she can.

How long is a teaching session?

Each day's session takes only 15-30 minutes, depending on which lesson a child is doing and his or her proficiency with that particular task.

How can I end a session early?

You can end a session by clicking the quit button (located in the lower right hand corner).

How do I pause a session?

You can pause a session once for a maximum of 12 minutes by clicking the pause button (located in the lower left hand corner).

I noticed that the program has a special way to allow kids to use the shift key. Can you explain it again?

Certain typing activities require the shift key to create capital letters and some punctuation. To do this a child can either:

  • Select the Shift key and the appropriate letter key at the same time.
  • Select the Shift key and then the letter key. This enables children who are not comfortable selecting two keys simultaneously to easily use the shift key.

What do I do if a child is not comfortable using a computer mouse and keyboard?

ASD Reading has an introductory teaching segment that trains a child, with adult assistance, to use the mouse and keyboard. If a child has any issues using a mouse and keyboard, we recommend beginning with that segment.

Does a child need adult supervision to use the program?

A child will need an adult's assistance to create an account and to begin using the program. However, once a child is comfortable using the program (typically within a few weeks) he or she can often do it completely on their own.

Which Internet browser do you recommend to use for ASD Reading?

We recommend using the free Google Chrome browser. You can get it here.