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ASD Reading is a patented, research-based online program that teaches students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other significant learning challenges to read, write and comprehend up to a 3rd grade level (Lexile 750). It's the only program that features the innovative "Phonics Plus" approach. Click here to see if the program is right for your student.
Super Sight Words is an online program that teaches readers to master the high-frequency vocabulary that forms 65% of every page of text
Counting Kingdom is an online introductory math program that teaches the foundations of math and enhances a student’s conceptual and reasoning abilities.
Story Smarts is an online introductory reading comprehension program that features 30 specially designed, appealing, stories and lessons.
Spelling Ninja is an online spelling program that teaches students to rapidly develop the essential visual memory skills that lead to effortless spelling.
Brad Peterson profile image
Dr. Bradley Peterson

Director, Institute for the Developing Mind, USC

ASD Reading has transformed the teaching of reading... The program is absolutely outstanding. I believe that central to the program's success is:
1) Its steady integration of spoken and written language, and
2) Its unique incorporation of "immediate interactive feedback." Research has shown that this type of feedback is critically important to engaging the student and enhancing effective learning.

ASD Reading’s unique instruction methods

All children can use the program-even those who are non-speaking.

Uses graphics, audio and animation to reinforce meaning.

Links written and spoken language so that one reinforces the other.

Provides customized instruction that adapts to each child.

Systematically assesses a child's skills and overcomes errors.

Why us?

ASD Reading is the reading program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other learning disabilities. The online program teaches kids to read, write and comprehend.

Current reading education relies on methods that do not work for many children on the spectrum with the result that the majority never gain the ability to read with fluency or comprehension. But, ASD Reading's innovative approach enables children to succeed - even when they are non-speaking.

Works on any computer or tablet with an internet connection.


Arlene Maidman
Arlene Maidman Parent

ASD Reading had a tremendous impact on our daughter, Julia's, language. Julia is autistic and the program readily engages her. It's amazing how a system dealing with the complexities of language can be so simple for children to follow!

Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith Teacher

ASD Reading is a daily necessity in my special education classroom. It represents a major evolution in the teaching of reading and writing for children on the spectrum. Thank you for this incredible program.

Susan deland
Susan Deland Parent

ASD Reading captivated my daughter's imagination and taught her to read, to the amazement of her school teachers. Everything about it was so logical and it also set her up to develop all other academic skills.

Andrew Walling
Andrew Walling Parent

ASD Reading has transformed our relationship with our daughter, Kate. Its reading and writing programs helped her develop critical communication and problem solving skills. Now Kate reads and spells at or above grade level and we can €˜talk' with her about her interests and feelings via writing. It has allowed us to recognize her true potential.

About ASD Reading

ASD Reading teaches students to read and write with comprehension at a 3rd grade level (Lexile 750). The program teaches students the key reading and writing skills required to become successful readers based on a comprehensive science of reading. These skills include:

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