ASD Reading reviews & testimonials

Catherine Smith Teacher

Dr. Blank’s program is a daily necessity in my special education classroom. Using this incredibly effective program I am able to remediate the full range of reading skills including: sequencing, letter sound identification, and blending as well as spelling and writing. It represents a major evolution in the teaching of reading and writing. If there was an online version specifically created for ASD students I would jump at the chance to use it.

Joe Kennedy Teacher

I've tried multiple literacy programs and this is the only one that works. It's very simple.

Colleen Dillon Parent

Dr. Blank’s program has been the answer to my prayers. As a homeschooler, I was desperate and determined to find materials to help my son read and comprehend better. Dr. Blank's methods proved to be just what I was looking for. Everything she offers worked and was so easy to do! In very little time my son became a strong confident reader.

Alberta Tabak Teacher

Children learn to read very quickly using Dr. Blank’s system. There is no question that it works, otherwise I wouldn't be using it year after year.”

Arlene Maidman Parent

Dr. Blank’s program had a tremendous impact on our daughter, Julia's, language. Julia is autistic and the program readily engages her. It’s amazing how a system dealing with the complexities of language can be so simple for children to follow!

Kathy Troyer Parent

Within a matter of months of starting my son on Dr. Blank's system, his reading skills improved dramatically and he became a confident and successful student. For us, Dr. Blank has been a life saver!

Dr. Bradley Peterson Keck School of Medicine, USC

Dr. Blank is a brilliant developmental psychologist. She understands child development, particularly the development of language and reading abilities in children. Her reading program is unique.

Tim Tinkel parent

So, why should the fact that my son Jacob is reading be such big news? Well, Jacob is our nine year old developmentally delayed child who is also on the autism spectrum. As much as we have tried, he hasn’t mastered reading. Really not even the easiest words. He can’t decode the letters and words that are required for reading. It has just never clicked. We have tried various methods and curriculum, but it just has not worked. What we think he has mastered one day he totally forgets the next day. It’s as if he had never seen it before.

To tell you the truth, I was a little skeptical of ASD Reading (Autism Spectrum Disorder Reading) from ASD Reading. Jacob had tried other online reading programs and nothing had worked so far. However, I was willing to try anything at that point. Almost immediately we got started and, to my great pleasure, Jacob absolutely loved it.

He has begun doing two or three lessons a day, so he whizzed through the words for book one and, to my amazement, read the first book aloud to me with hardly a mistake! He had never done that before! I knew that we had found the answer to his reading problems. ASD Reading! Jacob likes the program because of the clever and well done animation and because of the reward factor (you also earn points and, after you have accumulated so many points you are rewarded with a page in your passport). I love ASD Reading for other reasons, though. Of course I like it because it has been our answer to Jacob learning how to read, but it is the process that they use that I really like. You see, ASD Reading has a built in program that monitors how well a child is doing and if a child needs more help in a particular area. If a child is catching on quickly then the program might move him along a little faster. If a child needs help in something then the built in program might review a section automatically or give him more help in a specific area. I also like the fact that I get periodic progress reports and can go to the ASD Reading program myself to see how he is doing. Everything is done online using secure passwords. I think I love it as much as Jacob!

Something that is very unique about this program is that it was developed specifically for autism spectrum children. And, that is for all autism spectrum children even if they are non-verbal. I am a believer in this program and am very impressed with it. If you have a child anywhere on the spectrum I would encourage you to check it out.

This is one of those “WOW” reviews. I only give a review a “WOW” if it is extra special and made an impact on my children. ASD Reading by ASD Reading fits that requirement. It is definitely a “WOW” review.

Dr. Suzanne Goh MD, Harvard University

Dr. Blank has been a pioneer in developing effective reading programs for children with a variety of disabilities including autism.

Lori Moffit parent

My son has been thriving! He zipped right through the assessments, and even when the animated dinosaur tells him he can be done for the day, he often wants to keep right on going! Of course, this is making me VERY happy, because if it is at all possible, I think learning SHOULD be fun, so that children will want to continue to learn for their entire lives.

In my opinion, one of the best things about ASD Reading is that fairly soon, my son began using the program totally on his own, with no need for me to supervise at all. Anytime I want to, I can log into my account, and I will see a report which shows me exactly where he is in the program, and how he is doing. A progress report is regularly emailed to me, and if he needs help, the program will let me know that, as well. I am definitely going to recommend ASD Reading to anyone who even THINKS their child is on the Autism Spectrum.

Wendi Rogers parent

The sessions are fun, colorful and interactive. I had no problems with my daughter understanding the directions for any of the activities. She never once asked me to explain something. What she did ask me was…Can I please play the dinosaur game? Which is what she refers to the ASD Reading program as.

Each session seemed to only take about 15 minutes, we have yet to have a day when my daughter only wants to do one session. She typically completes 3-4 sessions.

I really adore this program. This was perfect for what I needed right now as that extra boost to my daughter’s progress in reading and other language arts. Again my daughter, did not need any help from me on this program, not even logging in. She has needed help using other computer games and iPad games.

Do I Recommend This Program? An astounding YES!!! Anyone with a reader who is struggling should sign up and check it out!

Andrew Walling Parent

ASD Reading has transformed our relationship with our daughter, Kate. Its reading and writing programs helped her develop critical communication and problem solving skills. Now Kate reads and spells at or above grade level and we can ‘talk’ with her about her interests and feelings via writing. It has allowed us to recognize her true potential.

Kathy Broad Parent

My son Rory loves Dr. Blank's program. It is the only online educational program that he actually wants to use! He finds the format easy to follow and gets a sense of achievement by completing the exercises. Although Rory has always loved books, he struggled with comprehension. Dr. Blank's program has helped him to comprehend what he reads. We are so grateful to Dr. Blank for helping Rory become a confident reader.

Anitra Elmore Teacher

Dr. Blank's program addresses the deficiencies seen in phonics and the whole language approach to reading...I highly recommend it.

Cristina Sperber Parent

From the time he was in preschool, our child, Brian, craved the ability to read, but we were not sure how to teach him. Dr. Blank's programs showed us the way. Now Brian reads proficiently and prolifically-with full understanding. It has done wonders for his confidence in all areas of his life.

Avneet Ahluwalia Teacher

Dr. Blank’s program leads to improvement that is nothing short of remarkable. It provides a new approach to reading instruction that has been incredibly effective for my students. I highly recommend it.

Susan Deland Parent

My daughter, Diane, used Dr. Blank’s program just prior to, and during, kindergarten. It captivated her imagination and taught her to read, to the amazement of her school teachers. Everything about it was so logical and it also set her up to develop all other academic skills.

Jay Cowan Teacher

Dr. Blank's system provides a very systematic and comprehensive approach to the teaching of reading, and it's a very easy program for the children to follow.

Susan A. Rose Ph.D. Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

ASD Reading is a tour-de-force that brings together the best and most effective elements of Dr. Blank's programs in a very easy-to-use format. Her unique and innovative system will be of enormous use to the parents who dream of reading success for their children

Crystal Cook parent

I just can’t say enough good things about this program! My son loves it. I mean, he loves it. About 20 minutes or so after his father heads for work, he’s waking me up. “Mama, can I go do my reading lesson?”Yes. He literally does his reading lesson first thing in the morning. Before breakfast even. He adores this program!

He likes the game aspect of it. A happy dinosaur shows up to encourage him or tell him he’s done with his session for the day. There are cute little characters that pop up, and even if he’s wrong, he doesn’t feel like he’s done some kind of awful mistake. He just tries again. There is no frustration over being wrong, no struggling to remember a certain sound before he can do anything else.

This works. It just plain works. It’s a wonderful program that he adores, that is something he looks forward to, and that is teaching him. I am utterly amazed at just how effective this program is.”

Emilee Roberts parent

ASD Reading is ideal for children that are anywhere on the Autism Spectrum including both non-verbal and verbal. It is specifically designed for children that are not yet reading or struggling in learning to read as well as those that decode well but have problems with comprehension. The ideal ages are 4-10 though I believe certainly a child over age 10 that is still struggling to learn to read would benefit from it as well.

ASD Reading is web based, so there is nothing to download to your computer, and your child’s progress is always saved. No matter where you are, your child can hop on a computer connected to the internet and pick up right where they left off. This is also great if you have multiple computers in the home and the children use both like ours do.

Our son is definitely benefiting from the unique style of teaching. Plus he really enjoys ASD Reading which means I don’t have to convince him he needs to do it regularly because he wants to do it!”

Tere Scott parent

What a fun way to learn reading and writing skills, all online and with very little to no need for teacher intervention. The sessions of lessons are fun, colorful, easy-to-understand, and interactive. I really liked how easy this was to use. The practice tests emphasize how important it is to sit with your child during testing but not to offer any help with answering the questions. My child has experience with online learning and using many different electronic devices, so she required no help whatsoever from me once the program was logged into. Another aspect I loved is how it builds on itself yet keeps the repetition of style, so the child isn't in for some shock when they move to the next level of learning. It slowly adds in commas, and question marks and other punctuation as the child proceeds through each lesson but uses the same cartoon characters, fill-in-the-blanks, find the words, etc. so the child knows exactly what to do. If they get it wrong, I appreciated that it instructed what to do with several hints and didn't frustrate the child by counting it wrong.

Laurie Messer parent

One of the wonderful things about this reading program is the clear instructions given along the way. My son was able to use ASD Reading without my help. Also, I loved the encouraging sounds and phrases spoken that were very motivating for my son. The lessons have colorful pictures that are fun and engaging. It keeps his attention which can be hard to do.

Overall, I am very happy with ASD Reading! I appreciate the progress reports I receive in my email that let me know if my son needs my attention for anything he's struggling with. There is also the dashboard where I can go anytime to get an update on my son's progress within the program and how he is doing. If you have a child on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, I highly recommend taking a look at ASD Reading.

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