Click here to read a document that explains the benefits of providing hand support. This technique, developed by Dr. Marion Blank, can bring rapid improvements in children's ability to progress with writing (and reading).

Click here to read a study of Dr. Blank's work that was published in the International Journal of Developmental Disabilities.

Click here to read a paper relating to some of the work that Dr. Blank has done with ASD children. As you will see in the paper, she has worked with non-verbal (i.e., non-speaking) children and has had excellent results. Because of this, it is possible to use ASD Reading with non-verbal children and give them access to language.

Click here to read a chapter on autism written by Dr. Blank in a book titled "Language and the Real World."

Click here to read an article on Autism by Dr. Blank from Autism One.

Click here to read an article by Dr. Blank of developing visual memory in children with ASD.