Free online educational games

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Typing is one of the key skills of our computer age. These games help kids learn the basics.

Letter Land teaches the basics of using a keyboard focusing on 1, 2, and then 3 rows. Click here to play.
The Typing Game teaches students where letters are on the keyboard using a fun, animated game. Click here to play.


Memory is a key to successful learning. These games help students develop the essential skill of visual memory.

In this game students match images of adorable animals. Click here to play.
In this game, students match short words. Click here to play.
In this game students match symbols that visually represent letters. Click here to play.


The ability to assign sounds to letters and letter combinations is an essential element of learning to read. These games help develop that skill.

This is the traditional alphabet song, with an accompanying keyboard that highlights the letters. Click here to play.
This is part of one of the formats in ASD Reading that teaches students sound blending using ASD Reading's patented "bit blends" technique. Click here to play.

Word Identification

Once students store words in visual memory, they need to be able to identify those words and distinguish them from other very similar looking words.

Word Fish is a super fun game in which students move a friendly fish by creating words. Click here to play.