Real reading for children with ASD! Not simply writing their names, or learning some sight words, or reading stories without understanding—but real reading, writing and comprehension of meaningful and interesting information. Like

For a long time, people wanted to get to the moon but they had no way of doing that. Then rockets were made and everything changed…

ASD Reading empowers children and achieves revolutionary results. High levels of achievement are possible for most children on the spectrum--even children who do not speak.

With these skills, the children's world expands in unprecedented ways: they can independently read books, they can deal with mainstream curricula, they can communicate their thoughts, they can follow conversations, they become active participants in the language flow of everyday life—the potential is phenomenal. And ASD Reading is the vehicle that enables all this to happen.

Is it right for your classroom?

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Classroom Requirements

To get started all you need is a web-connected computer or tablet. Then just sign a child up and the program will handle the rest. You can add as many students to your teacher account as you wish and easily monitor all their activity.

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Our approach

ASD Reading is the only system that teaches all 6 skills required for reading and writing success.

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Personalized classroom reports

ASD Reading delivers clear and thorough reports on your students' progress as well as regular updates and recommendations.

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Personalized teacher support

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Sample Lessons

Unlike other programs that present students with a series of random exercises, ASD Reading offers a research-based curriculum that teaches children what they need to learn at the appropriate time. And because ASD Reading's lessons are taught via cute characters, playful animations and fun sound effects, students think that they're playing a game while they're learning.

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