Here are some videos about Dr. Blank's work teaching children with ASD.

Program Overview

Columbia University Autism treatment: Parent Testimonials

2-year 8-month-old boy with autism spectrum disorder (PDD-NOS): progress over 10 months

12-year-old boy with autism (nonverbal): progress in reading, writing, and typing over one year

13 year-old girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Extraordinary progress over 10 years

4 year old girl with autism progress over 8 years in speech, reading and writing

3 year old boy with autism spectrum disorder shows progress in speech, language and reading

Dr. Marion Blank

Dr. Marion Blank discusses the Reading Remedy on Fox News from cjcj on Vimeo.

Autism Treatment BOLD Behavorial Organization Leading to Development

Unlocking Autism - Part 2: How to Improve Language Skills

Unlocking Autism - Part 3: How to Teach Reading to Children With Autism

Unlocking Autism - Part 4: How to Achieve a Calm, Productive Relationship for Children with Autism

Unlocking Autism - Part 5: Your Most-Asked Questions, Answered!

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