Spectacular Bond

Developed by specialists in the behavioral sciences, Spectacular Bond is a unique home-based behavioral intervention designed for children with autism. Within a few weeks, significant improvements in behavior can be achieved, including more meaningful social interaction, diminished temper tantrums, reductions in "stimming," and greater capacity for self-control and sustained attention.

The core of the program is reflected in its title – Spectacular Bond. Through a detailed step-by-step plan, the program sets out to reframe the parent-child bond—a relationship that typically "runs on auto pilot" but is seriously affected by autism. By bringing the intricacies into consciousness, the parent can remold the interaction to create a spectacular bond that transforms the life of the child and all members of the family.

Susan Deland, one of the book’s authors, has used the program successfully with her daughter Diane: "When Diane was first diagnosed nearly ten years ago, I received many pessimistic warnings from professionals. But I believed that with the right environment, Diane had the potential for a bright and independent future. Dr. Blank both shared that belief, and offered us a clear plan of action for getting Diane there. Equally important, the program recognizes the realities of family life and works within it so that all members of the family can flourish."

Through its three authors – Marion Blank (developmental psychologist), Suzanne Goh (pediatric neurologist), and Susan Deland (mother of a child with autism) — the book presents:

  • the neurological and psychological foundations of autism
  • a scientific rationale for why and how the behaviors can be changed
  • a family’s successful experience in implementing the Spectacular Bond program, and
  • a step-by-step guide for how you can do this with your own child.
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