How to make using the keyboard easier for your student

Using a keyboard can be challenging for many students. Here are some suggestions for how to make it easier:

Provide hand support

While providing the hand support it is important that you NOT move the child's hand to the correct answer (for both the mouse and the keyboard), but simply provide support that helps the child to use the mouse and keyboard.

This method can be amazingly helpful in assisting children until they are physically comfortable with the process of using the keyboard and mouse.

Slow down the program

To change the response time, log into your account. Then from the dashboard menu (in the blue bar at the top) select:

Settings > Manage Student Settings

For each student you will see 2 response time options:

Teaching formats: This changes the allowed time for all the problems in the program except the books.

Books: This changes the allowed time for the books.

Switch to the on-screen keyboard:

If your child has any difficulties using a keyboard, the on-screen keyboard may be easier. Here are instructions on how to switch:


(Please note that on iPads and Android tablets, the on-screen keyboard is selected automatically.)

Do some additional keyboard practice

You may find it useful to do some additional keyboard training in addition to working the regular portion of the program.

You can access additional training in the reader report by clicking the option which says: "For children who are not yet comfortable using a keyboard and/or a mouse, click here to do some training exercises.

There is also a "typing game" available under the "Extra Games" menu in the dashboard menu (the blue bar that you see after you log in and click the name of your student.